Mother Midnight

by Giver

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released October 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Giver Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Tunnel Vision
Where do you think your life will take you?
Pretending every word spoken is true.
Blindfolded we walk along
ignoring the fact that we could be wrong.

Tunnel vision,
following another´s decision,
always in the same direction,
living a self-deception.

Not programmed to be so equal and free I cannot grasp how you cannot see
That we don’t belong , been bluffed all along, we march to the beat of their drum.
Working like machines
rejected if we don't fit in the scheme.

Struggling to keep up,
violence to keep our mouths shut.

The ones who dared to speak
now stamped as the weak.
Wake me up.

Is it worth living a fairytale
while others live in hell?
We always take the best
while others haven't got a place to rest.
Track Name: Lost My Way
You stray with every single step.
Never care never mind
And you will lose your way again
Until you leave everything behind.

Staring at pictures that we took
From times better than today's.

You stray with every single step.
Never care never mind
And you will loose your way again
Until you leave everything behind.

You´ve lost yourself in the void
searching for a reason to carry on.
Routine distorted your symmetries,
every backlash is a nail to your casket.

Mourning at your own funeral It makes me sad to see you fade.
Don't have the strength to get rid of the pounding weight.

That lays on your shoulders
That makes you feel tired.
I always try to offer you my help,
but why can't stop this monologue?

With the first drag you took you made an oath.
You fell in love with illusions
which make the thoughts in your head bearable.

Flying high in the nights
and every morning you are crashing on the floor of reality.
There is no way out
of this mess.

You gave up on yourself,
but when I look into the mirror
I see the one who was giving up on you.

I was to focused on my own
to see what's going on.
Staring on pictures that we took.

I have lost my way in life again
And you are not the one to blame.
I just feel the need to rearrange.

A little bit of salt spread on your limbs will not harm your skin
But the same small amount into a wide open wound can really, really sting.
So when I walk this path out of a better past into a future dimmed in gloom.
Mother Midnight will not light the way but sow a seed and make it bloom.
Wasted my best years with fighting fears and built a house to watch it burn.
But I saw long nights pass and daylight come since tables always turn.
I don’t think that I will ever be okay.
Once again ive lost my way.

I've lost my way again
Won't be the same,
It changes everything.
I have to say
You're not the one to blame.
I've lost my way to get out.
We lost our ways.
Track Name: Malediction
The First Hit.
There's no Graze.
Still Painful.
Will It End?
A Blank Wall.

My Blood Pumps.
My Skin Burns
And Itches
And Ripples.
It Must Be Midnight.

Colour is replaced with grays.
Speech gives way to guttural yelps.
Outside in the park not far away,
lovers cuddle under a warm wonderful full moon.
(This Midnight society is taking on the world)
But here, in the dark
in the grime of a tunnel

which runs not far from the door to hell itself.
There is only fear.

Isolate me.
I deserve It.
Come and curse me.

Isolate me.
I deserve it.
Come and curse me
For what I´ve done.

For all the sorrow I put you through,
For all the words that were not true,
For all the blind faith I exploited,
All the glistening. I destroyed it.

I just can´t win, can´t win this raging war deep inside.
I am held down, held down by the black hands of the night.
Mother Midnight won´t make eyes see, but look up, no longer blind.

Can´t comprehend, comprehend this dull affliction.
i deserve, deserve sinister malediction.
Mother Midnight won´t make eyes see, but look up, no longer blind.
Track Name: Floating Life
The same mistake I always committed.
Is it because I don't know who the fuck I am?
Could it be that I'm stuck on the same place?
Or is it because I don't understand the sense?
The same mistake I always committed.
Every day without success!

It is not what you do, it is what you forget.
Let life love
Hate what made you lay down.
Nothing is working right ,
no man's ready to give up time.
Just want to get out of here.

Leave old habits behind.
Never thought I would think this way.
Yes, I know it's hard to get it right!

Can't understand how wrong this could feel!

This floating life is
eveything I never dreamed of.
It's more like a flood.
There's no swimming just sinking.

In the glare of others happiness
I forget about my own.
Doubt on everything I got
until I drown in my sorrows.

If I could I would slow down time
and jump back on that train.
But everything goes to fast
and I am stuck on the same place.

I am Stuck.
I can't go on.

I apologize for being who I am.

This floating life is
everything I never dreamed of
It's more like a flood.
There's no swimming just sinking.

I am stuck.
Can't go on.
There is no swimming just sinking
I apologize for being who I am.

And there she was this beauty
shining so bright.
I reached her hand and suddenly
I felt alive.